Thursday, April 17, 2014

One of my short stories. I hope you guys like it!

Why He Separates

Sarah was looking out of the window as they were driving towards the weekend seminar. Outside her window, trees blended into each other, the sea was constant, but stones, flowers, buildings and trees would occasionally seem like fluid liquid blending into each other, then to be separated as the car slowed down. Her dad was a huge fan of technology, and that was what this seminar was about. Technology. She liked it though. Even though she was fifteen, and it was uncool to be seen with her parents. She was not particular interested in technology, but it had been a tradition that the two of them went together. The first time, when she was ten, she had met many other children to play with, and they had developed strong friendships, and they shared this tradition together. Outside her window the trees was totally clear now. They had slowed down. She could also see the flowers, and smell them. Flowers that soon exposed a huge number of others, growing into a vast field above the road as they were passing by. She looked at her watch, wondering when they could make a stop, breathing in more of that fresh air and get something to eat and drink. Her dad was to be separated. Again. First of all. Her parents separated when she was five. Then when she was thirteen, her dad remarried, and now they split apart. She was at first reluctant to having a second mum, but she had grown to like her, and become found of her.

Lately there had been some other things on her mind. Just some years ago she had been introduced to the christian faith and it's teachings. Since then it had always awakened a certain amount of curiosity inside her. Sometimes when her dad would not know, she would attend meetings and sit up all night reading in the bible at the kitchen. Her dad did not know. He was not particular found of the bible, and she did not feel like telling him. Even though he would never protest or anything like that. It was just an. uncomfortable feeling telling her to keep it to her self. She did not know why. 

They slowed down, and to her relief he drove the car to a parking lot next to a market place. They went to the supermarket, found what they needed to buy and relaxed before driving again. It had been a long drive, but soon they would arrive. The sun was up, and ocationally the wind would show up with it's cool breeze. 

"Why he separates?" The question had popped up out of now where leaving everyone feeling uncomfortable. A small child, but brighter then most, had obviously heard about the bible and it's teachings, but obviously the kid asked the wrong questions. The priest in his chair twisted uncomfortably in his seat, wondering what to reply. He had been at the seminar last year, driving his nephew there, and stopped to take a look at the activities, getting something to eat. After he had been Introduced as a priest one of the kids draw quit a lot of attention towards  biblical texts.

The text in this case was two scripture verses in the new testament telling something uncomfortable. Sarah recalled the scripture verses. She had started remembering now, after reading it a couple times, not thinking to much about it's meaning, just feeling uncomfortable, hurrying along in the text, leaving it behind. 

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ' "a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law-a man's enemies will be the members of his own household."

A year ago Sarah was being introduced to a professor at the school where her step mum studied. Sarah had up until now met up with her step mum after her studies every tuesday,waiting for her in the library, studying. It was there she met the professor, and ended up having many interesting conversations and learning from his vast amount of wisdom. He learned Sarah how to learn and become aware of this. And how to think. She was very lucky. Most professors she had met always seemed to believe that they were boring to all youngsters, and there by, not paying much attention to them unless they were relatives. But this man was not afraid of seeming boring or uncool. He was very different. Sarah got more into studying the bible on her own, after learning from the professor. She could use what she had learned there, and make up her own interpretations and understanding. When she had been introduced to the christian faith, it all seemed a little chaotic and too much confusing to even start getting a grasp of it. And she did not get along with most of the christians she had met and been introduced to. They were nice, but to different from her.

Why does he separate? It would not be an answer to just pop up with out of nowhere in now time. It was more complicated than that, but she had started to enjoy pondering on about challenging texts and questions. Jesus could have created peace in a hurry, but then he would not have done it through people, he would just appear, and create something amazing out of now where, and people would have missed out on something, she thought to her self. Perhaps that was a wise answer, or at least, a beginning of an answer.
How could people enjoy a  process, if Jesus him self just did everything for everyone in no time. It would be all to confussing and robbing. People would't even be jealous. Something that could be turned around into positive action. At least, if a christian did something truly miracoulus and impressing out of no were, people could have the opportunity to become jealous,demanding to be a part of it, having a piece of it. Or in other words, taking action for the same cause.

Why does he separate. She knew now. What to say, if she would meet the kid again. 

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