Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Once You've Fallen for Reading

Once You've gotten a spark for reading and you haven't been into reading before, or you've suddenly become drawn to it, building carefully your interest from scratch is wise :)

Think about these things:

  • Your field of interest
  •  Language. Complicated or simple
  • Length of book
  • Knowledge levels
  • Details and information, dreamy, provocating, historical etc
  • Combinations. Like pictures and text/or mainly pictures

Build up a small selection of books and expand       your interest for reading :) Perhaps classical novels or poems is the right area for you to begin :) Or perhaps blogs. 

Once I got interested in reading I started with novels filled with a dreamy atmosphere. Those books are still my favorite choice and they often end up being my favorites. At the moment I'm reading The Lord of the Rings. It really has a magical atmosphere!

Good reading:)

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