Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Story

I went through the shelves hoping to find some interesting novels. I ended up writing. After getting home with no new books and not been tempted to read in others. It had been on my mind for some time, now and then, starting to write again. My short story seemed to look more and more like a long story and I decided to continue. Coming up with ideas can be easy, but I'm always doubting if they are good enough. 

Some about the story. My main character is Lisbeth. A young woman going back to her childhood place puzzling the last pieces of trauma she's been living with for the last seven years. She has more betrayals to discover and things get dangerous as she's getting confidence to stay. Some search in the past, and come closer and closer to expose dangerous known ones. In addition of facing new difficulties Lisbeth finds herself more and more alone despite the positive, safe attention she gets from her former biggest crush. The man who saved her from drowning one night seven years ago.  

Do you like to write? :)


  1. Interesting plot! Searching back in our own history can be both challenging and makes you learn very important things. Sounds like Lisbeth has many things to deal with. A wise man said about dealing with difficult things in our past: 'The things you do nothing about, will do something with you..' I think it's true.
    Keep up the good work:)

  2. And yes I like to write. My most recent manuscript is a fantasy story for children. About a butterfly called Pavonius. Who at birth do not know if he is supposed to fly in the daylight (does it hurt, can he trust the light despite all his imperfection?), or in the dark..