Saturday, April 25, 2015

Healing Activities

I like to walk. Take photos and do some kind of art! As things are though I've decided to have some focus on art. This I've been doing the last time of my illness and it's worked. My blog has been a source of joy and peace. And I've always enjoyed writing. Here are some of my healing activities. Hope you find something here that works for you too.

- Take photos

Photographing is really a wonderful way of making something timeless and rememberable. 

- Be outdoors in the fresh air

- Create something

- Explore a new place

- Daydream

- Watch something inspirational like a movie or a documentary

- Keep a journal. Write down ideas, plans, impressions, dreams

- Talk to friends. Share plans and ideas :)

- Read

Reading is interestingly healing. And it's proven to be :) How cool is that. Reading a good novel can really lift up your mood and be peaceful over time. I like reading. Especially fiction books. 

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