Friday, June 5, 2015

A Journey to Happniess

Going Backwards. Many Times I've listened to people saying they miss a certain time in their life. People around my age speak of the 90s like a magical time. "Things were better then". I've often when thinking back felt the the same. About the 90s in general. Before illness struck.

I've been introduced to mindfulness and the intensity of competitive spirit through many channels. Lately I've been thinking more about turning backwards. Taking back some of that feel good time through activities I used to do. Like rituals. Movies and drawings during weekends. More reflection time. Less computer. Less technology. How often don't you see people lost in their technical device. Some live their lives on the internet.

How to be this, how to be that. I've enjoyed blogging for quite some time. In this platform I find content that inspires me and content that stresses me. Sometimes I think people put all their focus on all that needs to be managed in a certain way, a certain timing. And all the personal growth that must happen. We are used to endless impressions every day. That's why I think turning backwards can be a good thing. Incorporate some of those things that made you feel good. Incorporated in a new way :)

I've set some goal. Those are less computer time. More time to focus on my old and new interests combined and the rituals I used to have. Hoping to find a new and more complete journey to happiness!

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