Friday, January 29, 2016

February Daydreams

We're entering a new month and I've made some thoughts of what I would like to do and things I would like to happen. I started looking forward to a new month when I met one of my friends and heard her talk about the spring feeling in the winter weather. I've noticed it too. Something spring in the air and you expect birds to sing when you wake up. 


- Visit some good art exhibitions

- Get one or two blog friends

- Have long days of writing on my fiction book

- Help my friend in her studies that I know nothing about (I think).

- Make drawings to sell in a web shop

- Get more confident with makeup

A highlight this January has been two art exhibitions. I really enjoy these exhibitions enriching me a more. Also photography have been fun. And reading blog posts. I thought about learning a new language, but that will wait for now :) I hope all the things above happen this month. And that the February weather is pretty good for photography and walks! I would like to work more organised with photography ahead. Maybe finding new places to walk. 

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