Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Different Read

Constantin Stanislavski 
An Actor Prepares

Gosh I wanted to read something but could not come up with anything exciting yesterday. Then before bed time I got reminded of a book I bought a year or two about acting and how good it was. Easy understood, structured and with a good spirit. I followed where I finished last time and began chapter 5. And it was pretty nice waking up following the muscle relaxation advice before I decided to sleep. 

This book feels like it is creating an extra world for the reader while reading. That is a huge bonus and makes it a little special. A little magical and inspires for reflections that come more rare. It makes the simplest things sound important and even exciting! A small preparation step that is in need for repeat. And repeat again. And again. 

I was very impressed when I started reading it. :) Curious what more is to come I will read regularly in this book and discover new things. And then read it all over again. Because it deserves it! It's that good :) And I have not even finished.

Have you read this book? :)


  1. I haven't read this book, but the fact that you think it's book you would read over and over again makes me want to go buy a copy. Thanks for sharing!