Monday, January 21, 2019

One to Try For Relaxation

Organic Lavender aqua oleum Julia Lawless

Lavender has usually not caught my attention. Gradually I've grown found of the scent. One way I like to calm down is by scents. Like with scented candles or like in this case with oils. In the shower I put some drops of this on the floor. The scent fills the room quickly and instantly makes me calm. This is just what I need during weeks. Lavender is known to be something that people can feel calmed by. Another oil favorite I have from this brand is the eucalyptus one. That too has a calming  effect on me. I've found these in the Life shops. I would highly reccomend them if you think scents can be a good way for you to relax.

What scents/products do you find relaxing?

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Best Winter Beauty Treat?

Missguided Gloss Boss lip kit. The colors are so pale but not boring at all.

I recently found my new favorite makeup products in this lip kit. I think they look best together for full pigmentation. The finish of these look very pretty! The gloss is intense and the colors fresh in a subtle way. The vinyl shine is interesting. Because these products strongly gives me a feel-good vibe I think they will be some of my most used makeup products for some time.

What makeup have you been loving lately?

Monday, December 31, 2018

December Favorite Photo

It is the snow in the mountains, the special blue color I find so relaxing and the strange clouds that made me like this photo best. And the fact that quite nature made me relax a lot on my holiday! It is different then in the city. The brown color on the trees are pretty nice too. I like this type of weather. It sets me in the perfect mood for dreaming and reading!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

December Read. Part 2. Wuthering Heights

My holiday reading started on the airport with Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. The first time I took notice of the book was last December. At my grandparents house I found a version from 1953. My grandpa gave it to me and I barely dare read it more in fear of destorying the beautiful paper cover.

Wuthering Heights focus a lot on peoples emotions in a small area over a long time. Emotions like love and hate are dominant. The outcome you might quickly expect for characters are disaster.

 A beggar (Heathcliffe) is given a chance of better life when a man decided to provide for him in addition to his own family at Wuthering Heights. A place he will really struggle to adapt to.
The children in the house hate the newcomer from day one. Later the mans daughter Catherine becomes his best friend.

When both of the parents die life become harder at Wuthering Heights. Their brother Hindley becomes even worse to live with then he has been. He wants Heathcliffe away from Wuthering Heights.

Cathrine befriends someone wealthy and Heatcliffe worries about Cathrines strong feelings towards himself changing. Cathrine marries later in the story. And drama continues.

Kids from a new generation has to adapt to the love and hate that has been and still excists. For some time at least one of these children are safe.

 It surprised me that at least not some of the persons moved away and tried to make a better life another place!

In addition to the people living in this place there is a newcomer who wants to live in the area. He's being told all about these peoples lives and has noticed the terrible behavior of Heatcliffe. From meeting him personally. And actually he has taken extra interest in one of Catherines relatives. A young woman living at Wuthering Heights.

It has been so nice reading this book. It is well written. And never boring.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Holiday Photos

Hello! How are you guys? Have you had a holiday this month? I've had a nice holiday with relaxing, reading, walks and more. Having one again so close to the forest, the view of mountaions, the fjord and trees has made me quite relaxed.

I've read most of Wuthering Heigths by Emily Brontë. I began reading at the airport. I had a try at the Othello game. Its been years since the last time. It used to be my favorite game.

I took time to make some drawings. I'll make a new of one or both below and frame it.

I've mainly stayed away from social media and that has been nice. What have you been doing lately? Have you read some nice books? :)

Today I'll be back in Oslo and then comes the weekend. With more reading perhaps. I'm curious on how Wuthering Heights ends. It has been so nice reading it!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Makeup Look. Soft Colors

Searching through my makeup here the other day I found a forgotten makeup piece I decided I would show in a makeup post. That is this adorable lip gloss. I added it to my makeup collection this summer when it launched and now its time to make proper use of it.

This color looks kind of candy like. In this light more natural. It has a bit of shine. The creamy gloss is so comfortable and the pigmentation is great! This is Kicks Lip Cream in shade Monday. And one of my favorite products now.

What's new in my makeup is this eyeshadow palette that launched this autumn. It looks like a very cool palette. I choosed colors like soft pink, beige and lilac in shimmery tones. The palette is I  <3 Revolution Now That's What I Call Makeup. The 90s one.

The foundation used here is Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony in shade Porcelain 30. I think it lives up to its name! I love it! And will buy it again.

Have you tried some of these products?

Monday, December 17, 2018

Holiday Makeup Bag

When packing for a holiday I like to begin with makeup and books. Always. In my makeup bag there are my old favorites and some newer makeup. Like this 90s eyeshadow palette that launched this autumn. It seems pretty cool and cute. Then I recently made my first Revlon haul. I've been curious about this brand for a long time. I selected something red and pink. That salient nail polish and the cute cream blush pretty for everyday use. All of these products + some more will come with me on my holiday. I'm looking forward to relax, read and blog this holiday!

Have you been shopping makeup lately? What did you buy?