Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I Want to Write

I began today with breakfast, music and writing. That's a rare combination for me. For long I've done little short story writing. I've felt completely stuck. How nice it was to get a good feeling about it.

I did not want to stay home all day and went to a cafe. Where I continued writing and read.  

 At the library later I found a short story collection I've wanted to read. "Hold heisen" (2019) by Nora Lindblad. I've read in it already.

 I have a new reading goal. That is to read short stories weekly. 

When writing is fun it feels like many good things has happened to me in a short time. 

What motivates you to write?

Monday, May 6, 2019

Just Read. Dronen(2019) by Unni Lindell

This easter I spent time reading "Dronen" (meaning the drone) by Unni Lindell. The atmosphere for a long time I would describe as the feeling you can get of someone watching you. Gradually I felt the atmosphere change. I found the first half most interesting. Overall I liked the book. 

The main character is Marian Dahle, a police woman. At work she begins to investigate a murder that has happened recently in a forest. A man is found dead in a tent. And before that happened a man studied the area with a drone and saw him and his tent. And decided to go there in secret. 

Marian suggests that someone might have used a drone to watch the area before the crime. The guilty usually stays close to the place where the crime happened. Sometimes I felt that was a bit strange.

Marian has problems of her own and the killer causes more problems for her when a neighbour goes missing.  

I had no problem getting into the books own universe. It was well written and atmospheric. The length of story was good. I would like to read more of Unni Lindell's books. 

Have you read this book?

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Back to the Forest

This easter I had my first forest walk this year. The sun was shining and it was warm outside. I and one of my friends drove up to Ulsrud water and walked from there into the forest. Some places we were surprised by snow on the roads. We found a small path where we met no snow while walking. And the ground was pretty dry. 

Afterwards we sat down by the water and drank coffe and ate snacks. At one point it felt like summer. And now when I write this it looks summery outside.

I am so pleased with the weather here in Oslo these days. And look forward to more forest walks. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Best Beauty Find this Spring?

Youstar "Highlight Me"

Recently when I was in Kiel I did some shopping. I bought makeup. I wanted to buy makeup by brands I've not tried before. One of the products I bought was this highlighter. Two words that pop up in my mind when I want to describe it is: Gorgeous and interesting. I did not try it on first. But when I got home and then I knew this was the best find. 

I think my best beauty find so far this spring is the highlighter. It is without color but does so much to my makeup. It feels and looks like silk. 

The design is a treat too. It comes with a mirror inside and a tool for application. I will probably  prefer brushes for powder highlighters. This seems staple worthy. It is probably a product that will be in my beauty bag for a long time. One of those products I'll reach for when in doubt about what makeup to use.

What has been your favorite product so far this spring? 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

One I'll Wear Weekly

When someone asks me what my favorite color is I reply it's blue. It's a color that makes me relax. Sometimes I think it's an elegant color too. I instantly liked this sweather. I'm into stripes as well. Especially on sweathers. The fabric is so comfortable and lenght a bit longer then many sweathers. So I don't need to wear a long top under. 

I guess I'll wear it on weekdays and weekends. And during my dance lessons when I feel a bit cold. 

Have you found something nice lately? :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Kiel Cruise

I've just had a wonderful little holiday. With two friends who joined me on a Kiel cruise from Oslo city. The cruise stopped in Kiel for some hours. In Kiel we went shopping and found a cozy cafe for  breakfast and lunch. 

I found some beauty brands I've never tried before and bought some makeup. It was cloudy this day but not too cold outside. I would like a trip like this again sometime. It was fun and relaxing. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

On the Reading List

"Murder Must Advertise" by Dorothy L. Sayers

The title sounds interesting. I'll begin this book during my holiday. Which is soon. I got this book recommended on I've not heard about it before, but I have a good feeling I'll like it. 

The story takes place in a creative enviroment. With a secret investigation of a suspicious death. I've liked fiction books where one of the characters are writers. So this book seems nice. Because here many are. They work for an advertising agency. And that is the place where a dead man is found.

What are you reading? Which books do you want to read this year?