Saturday, February 16, 2019

Skin Like Foundation

Dermacol Imperial Make-Up foundation. Color pale.

I like natural looking makeup a lot. This foundation is maybe the most natural looking one I've tried. What is yours? I prefer my skin not to shine visible through makeup and still do. This foundation gives a type of glow I like. As if it has a touch of solar powder in it. A touch of solar powder too makes the foundation pop. The foundation feels luxurious and is not sticky at all! Texture wise it is the best high street foundation I have tried. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pretty Pink Saturday Haul

Hi there! How are you? I'm glad it is weekend. It has been a long week with more activity than usual. And tomorrow I have an extra day to rest. I always have Mondays to do that. I wonder how to spend it best. 

  I had to buy some things yesterday and found some needed cosmetics. And a new scented candle. One far sweeter then I usually buy. It is a cute candle in baby pink color with a silver lid. The candle smells of roses. I think it will be a repurchase. And maybe the cosmetics. One thing is for sure I like the scent of these Missguided products! The body mist will probably be one of my February favorite products. The Missguided products design is salient. They look pretty on the bath room shelf. The spray has a subtle portion of shimmer in it. The scent of the other products is milder. That totally works for me. I like a combination of strong and mild scents. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Just Read

A Stranger in the House (2017) by Shari Lapena

This is the first book I've finished in 2019. It was nice to read it. The first half was a little intense. Gradually it turned quite interesting. And the ending was amazing.

Story: There is little peace for main characters Karen, husband Tom and neighbour Brigid in this story. Karen crashes a car, claims memory loss and is investigated for murder. Karen express worries about someone beeing in their house uninvited. They don't see anyone. And Brigid who's a friend of Karen shows strange and scary behaviour. Brigid has great interest in her neighbours Karen and Tom. She has a place in her house with view to their house. She has glued herself to this spot! I can imagine her sleeping there. Karen thinks Brigid might be useful in the investigation. At a certain point investigators turn their attention to Brigid too.

The most interesting to me was Brigid's behaviour, the expressed worries about someone entering the house of Tom and Brigid without them knowing it and the ending. Something totally new happened  that showed how much things will change for these three. I loved it! And would like to read something similar.

Have you read this book?

Monday, January 21, 2019

One to Try For Relaxation

Organic Lavender aqua oleum Julia Lawless

Lavender has usually not caught my attention. Gradually I've grown found of the scent. One way I like to calm down is by scents. Like with scented candles or like in this case with oils. In the shower I put some drops of this on the floor. The scent fills the room quickly and instantly makes me calm. This is just what I need during weeks. Lavender is known to be something that people can feel calmed by. Another oil favorite I have from this brand is the eucalyptus one. That too has a calming  effect on me. I've found these in the Life shops. I would highly reccomend them if you think scents can be a good way for you to relax.

What scents/products do you find relaxing?

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Best Winter Beauty Treat?

Missguided Gloss Boss lip kit. The colors are so pale but not boring at all.

I recently found my new favorite makeup products in this lip kit. I think they look best together for full pigmentation. The finish of these look very pretty! The gloss is intense and the colors fresh in a subtle way. The vinyl shine is interesting. Because these products strongly gives me a feel-good vibe I think they will be some of my most used makeup products for some time.

What makeup have you been loving lately?

Monday, December 31, 2018

December Favorite Photo

It is the snow in the mountains, the special blue color I find so relaxing and the strange clouds that made me like this photo best. And the fact that quite nature made me relax a lot on my holiday! It is different then in the city. The brown color on the trees are pretty nice too. I like this type of weather. It sets me in the perfect mood for dreaming and reading!