Saturday, January 13, 2018

December Favorite Movie. The Terminator

Last month I loved an action movie from the 80s about machines rising against humans. A cyborg (half machine, half human)  and two humans desperatly trying to escape from it. I'm talking about The Terminator. The cyborg is programmed to kill a woman that in future will give birth to an important person the machines see as a threat.

The woman (Sara) lives a peaceful life when the terminator begins his hunt for her.
The man helping Sara is also from the future. He's sent back in time to protect her.

I think one of the most interesting scenes is in the beginning. When the man steals from a begger to get something he needs. And the terminator kills to get what he needs.

This is an intense action movie. There is never a boring moment here.

Are you interested in The Terminator movies? What are your thoughts on this one? :) 

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Fiction Book that Currently has my Attention

I was immediatly drawn to this book after reading a bit of the story. As a reader you are brought right into a drama I find quite interesting. There is so much atmosphere in the book. The writing is good. The characters are mysterious and interesting. 

  Heatcliff the central person in the story gets adopted as a child by a Mr. Earnshaw. Heatcliff befriends the daughter Catherine and he gets bullied a lot by her brother. Catherine and Heatcliff as grown ups plan to run away and be together as a couple. At this point Catherine's parents are dead. The brother contiunes to bully Heatcliff badly. Something stops the escape attempt and she betrays Heatcliff. He then carefully plans revenge on her, another man and her brother.

Have you read this classic?  :) I can't wait to read more!