Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Read

I finally got the book in the mail box. Disappearing into a good book feels like a rare experience to me. During the last of summer I will be reading this one :) I've started. My first impression is good. I picked up the book after watching the movie :) I think it has a very special atmosphere. The book and the movie. Usually I find there is a difference. But not with this one:)

Phantoms is about a mystery where to young  girls(sisters) discover a hometown completely silenced. Starting off with no people in sight, they soon discover a dead body in the big sisters house. And then, more bodies. It is impossible for them to understand what has happened to them, until they see for them selves. 

In the book I am still in the first chapter. I am eager to find out if it is all similar to the movie in story telling. I hope nothing is changed :) The sisters has just discover the first dead body and are looking for help. Soon, one of my favorite characters in this book is introduced.

Do you have any favorite summer reads? :)

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