Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More of Art

Just recently I and my neighbor's lovely girlfriend visited an art museum here in Oslo. It was a wonderful, magical and interesting experience. It is so rare I go to such places. This Friday there will be culture night in Oslo with free entry many places. I have been studying the catalogue over and over again, narrowing down on my go to see list. There are many interesting things. I've decided to search inspiration at an architecture museum and at an art gallery. I can not wait to go there. There is also an opportunity for me to see a dance performance.  

I have not been into architecture before. Drawing and painting has been a hobby of mine. I think about architecture when traveling, or seeing a new type of building. I think there are many beautiful buildings to be found everywhere when looking for them. Personally glass and colors immediately catch my attention. 

I hope to find inspiration to draw, write and learn more about these things, and architecture too. To understand more when studying buildings sitting at a cafe, or walking in the streets.

I will visit more museums and visit galleries this autumn. And read about art. My drawing, that I started on a saturday is still not complete. Time to finish it :)

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