Thursday, December 11, 2014

 Inspirational Cards

Who doesn't love to get a beautiful card :) Here I've found some of my top inspirational cards which I'll  share with you. Most of these I've picked up in different stores, and the one with the elephant is one I've received, and probably the cutest one of all. I was wondering about what todays post should be about when this card popped up in my eyes. 

Some reminds of birthday cards. I was thinking about Christmas when I got the card idea. Beautiful cards though fit any season and type of celebration ;) Here I'll write the labels on the different cards.

Picture one. Dragonfly card
 CVD. Christopher Vine Design

In same picture is the elephant card.

Big flower card

Small flower card

And this card

Pick up a card or two and surprise a friend :) Christmas style or other. It's up to you! 


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