Saturday, January 3, 2015

Current Inspirations

I found this book in the back of the drawer. It is really a beautiful book with lots of images. It is very different from others of the same kind of book. This is a addition of The New Testament. I find it so much more inspirational reading, when I'm studying this one. I love photography, and pairing it together with text is nice :)
I hope I wouldn't need to brush the dust off it again.

Some less important stuff. I found this necklace in the jewelry box. It is one of the coolest I've got. The nail polish has a color I adore and is a color that often lifts my mood. I still have to try it, for now, it does a good job looking pretty on my desk.

Back to reading. Picking up classics have been really nice. Fantasy and crime are my current readings and it is so easy disappearing into the worlds of these books. Agatha Christie writes excellent and interesting. I love her description of different places and how people live their lives there. I'm definitely going back to reading more from her again. And then will see, If my joy for reading Harry Potter and The lord of the Rings will continue. In the latter some of my spark has gone as I'm getting closer to the end. But it definitely has a magical atmosphere that I love. So does the Harry Potter books :)

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