Monday, February 2, 2015

Reading Now

Agatha Christie
Destination Unknown

"In Christie’s gripping international thriller Destination Unknown, a woman at the end of her rope chooses a more exciting way to die when she embarks upon an almost certain suicide mission to find a missing scientist."

Since Christmas I've been reading Agatha Christie books. I've come to my fourth. They are interesting to read, this one is slightly annoying since there's little introduction about the main character. She travels through countries, meets interesting people and gradually approaches her destination. Things are most exciting after she has arrived. I like the descriptions of the other characters, the places she is staying and the mystery. Agatha writes interesting and detailed. Also the part when she is closest to the destination is really exciting. Agatha is good at creating atmosphere. The gradually transition from one to another. The intensity level has a gradually upbuilding after some time. It is easy to read, easy to imagine the description of people, places. I like that very much. And as I said, the mystery :)

Will you be reading this book? 


  1. Very interesting author.. Think about it: Writing these books on a type writer, without the data editing possibilities we have.. Many years ago I read lots of them, but I don't remember the one you mention. Is the main character Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot? My favorite was 'Towards Zero'/'Mot nullpunktet'. Recommended:)

  2. In this book non of them are present. The story is mainly told through the spy. They are quite interesting :)