Friday, April 3, 2015

Writing Friday

I've been working on the story today. It's been really fun. I feel like I'm almost done and look forward to add more to it. It needs to be longer then it is at the moment! In total I've written 40 minutes in reading time. I think an hour will be good. The character and their lives really become alive when I write. It's so much fun! 

Here's some about the story  :)

The main character is Lisbeth. A young woman going back to her childhood place puzzling the last pieces of trauma she's been living with for the last seven years. She has more betrayals to discover and things get dangerous as she's getting confidence to stay. Some search in the past, and come closer and closer to expose dangerous known ones. In addition of facing new difficulties Lisbeth finds herself more and more alone despite the positive, safe attention she gets from her former biggest crush. The man who saved her from drowning one night seven years ago.  

I've done some small changes, but the story is the same :) I've made the friendship stronger between Lisbeth and Jacob, and decided to focus less on her sense of loneliness. 

Tomorrow I'll write some more :)

Have you been writing something lately? :)

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