Monday, May 18, 2015

London Beauty Hauls

I just visited London and during shopping there I found so many gemstones :) On my flight to London I decided to buy my first Clarins products. Two tubes of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. These are magnificent. So brightening :) I will always bring one in my purse! If I look a little tired I will use this. Clarins was not the only new brand I bought a product from. I spotted & Other Stories, Revlon and Bourjois on my shopping trips. Just before I went home I bought a lipstick from Revlon that I like very much. My favorite piece from Bourjois has got to be this eyeshadow in shimmery pink. It looks so lovely. I've been skeptical to pink eyeshadows before but this have made me more open minded. It is so pigmented and stays on for hours. The same day as I purchased this eyeshadow I also bought to other favorites. A black eyeliner from Rimmel and a sparkly, pink and white nail polish from Loreal. I've been using the eyeliner daily. 

I was tempted to buy a new foundation or bb cream but since I picked up one before traveling I decided to buy other things. And two highlights from the shopping were definitely the fragrances I found. & Other Stories Punk Bouquet really impressed me with a heavy, floral Vanilla scent. It is so lovely. The other one has a mild yet strong, feminine floral scent. Ma Vie from Hugo Boss. I quite like the design of these two! Elegant and cool pieces. Punk Bouquet will decorate my white desk.

On my trip I bought three rouges in total from labels Stila and Seventeen. Also brands I've never tried makeup from. But seen everywhere on different blogs. I'll show the one I like the most here. The Stila blush in color Petunia. This is not only rouge but also a lip color product. And I think it is perfect for both. The consistency is perfect and color just gorgeous and fresh.

At & Other Stories I also picked up a lip gloss (shade Say Pink). It's been so long since I used lip glosses but I was convinced to give this one a try, and I do not regret. It is beautifully colored and consistency is really comfy. It does not stay on too long, but I still think it's worth it.

Some of these, and other products I bought will end up in May and June favorites :) And probably sooner. 

Stila lip and rouge in color Petunia and other products.

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