Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oil Pastel Fun

I've been used to drawing lately with soft pastel pencils. It's been fun! And easy. I'm excited to work with oil pastels. I bought a set with 24 colors you could choose yourself. I went for light summer colors and some darker. I hope I'll make some good drawings with these:)

Have you tried working with oil pastels?  :)
I would love to hear your thoughts!

A small drawing using oil pastels.


  1. I bought some oil pastels somewhat recently as well! As far as holding them I prefer oil (I hate the chalky feel of dry pastel) but I think I prefer working with dry. They blend easier. I guess it depends on what you're doing with them though! The smoothness of oil pastels is definitely a nice feel :)

  2. Yes, I agree :) They blend easier the dry pastels.