Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Highlights


 The best part of this day was being outdoors in the sun. I went to the lake and walked for some time. It really is the most beautiful place during summer. I like to walk where you see green tunnels of trees covering the sky and sunlight shining through. The second best thing. Drawing. I finally got more inspiration and made a couple of drawings of green landscape. I started on my third when my hands got tired of working and decided to read. I've enjoyed reading Jane Eyre and took a dive into the story. Now I've come to a crucial moment and am more curious then ever on what will happen.

Drawing made recently


Saturday was a relaxed day with sunny weather too. I went for a longer walk which was really lovely. I also enjoyed drawing and watching my favourite television show. Pictures below are from my walk this day.


Planning. Music. Relaxation. Sunday wasn't my best day as I was feeling fatigued, but I got some planning done and decided to read in my current favourite book. Jane Eyre. I'm soon reaching the end wondering which book to read next. Love this one.

What have been your highlights? :)