Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thoughts on Scary Movies

I happened to discover an interesting movie earlier this year. I never really gave much reflection to the scary movie genre when I was younger. If it seemed exciting and others would see it we went for it. We saw many scary movies. I found some of the movie trailers from movies we saw then and watched these making some reflections and comparisons to the movie I found this year. I felt that watching the trailers didn't give me curiosity nor a good impression of topics. But the other gave me couriosity, more wonder and focus to understand. What I generally like about movies is when they give you time to reflect on the story. Some have so many distractions. I think  watching to many of the scary movies with distractions adds a blur to the ones with more focus on understanding. 

What I like about the few that's impressed me is the notion of calmness, safety and wonder that seems to be highlighted. Not just a lot of impressions and weird things you've never seen(Or to often seen). Also if a movie is very different from others it makes it more worthwhile watching. More interesting. Some more rememberable. I've talked to several people who give impression of this particular genre as too silly and worthless to watch. Movies seem to ask: How scared will you get? Jet others: "How much time will you reflect on this." And then ask: "Is the story important?"

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