Sunday, August 30, 2015

Autumn Movie List

Autumn is probably my favorite time of year to watch movies. I prefer movies to television shows with some exceptions. For instance I can't wait for new episodes of Sherlock. I love this series. I guess I will prefer action movies more then small drama series and movies. I've turned gradually more to this genre. One movie I've watched a lot lately is Die Hard. I don't focus on to many movies in my list and like to show diversity in genres/choices. First on my list is the movie I've seen most this summer, Die Hard. Though I always hope the good guy wins I here can't stop wonder what goes on in the villains mind so well played by Alan Rickman. He has a flat personality but interesting appearance with no changes.

A Poirot movie are on my list. I don't think there's been an exception. These movies are so timeless showing many places with an interesting mix of characters. I used to dream I would be in one of them. For my winter movie list I will probably do some changes and only see movies I haven't seen.

My movies:

Die Hard

 Death on the Nile


The Horse Whisperer


Red Lights

Pan's Labyrinth


  1. Good movies! I always have to watch autumn themed movies too such as Hocus Pocus. :D
    Autumn Country Girl

  2. Melancholia and Pan's Labyrinth are both on my list on Netflix, haha! And I LOVE Fargo.

    I can definitely understand your love of watching films in autumn. The weather is chillier so you can bundle up and be comfy, you can enjoy some tea or coffee with a cookie... And after a certain point the sun goes down so early it isn't as if you're wasting day-light!