Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Todays Walk

After breakfast I found my camera and satchel and went out for a walk. Though cloudy the temperature was lovely and I found several opportunities for photographing. I started my journey from the flat some hundred meters before the path takes you down to the water. The path by the water was dry and is great for walking on cloudier days. I followed one close to the water all the time. When I came to the second part where your walking right next to it I saw so many beautiful photo possibilities with the trees reflecting it's leafs in the water. It does not sound so pretty on cloudy days but it was gorgeous! At that time I was tired and decided to take photos another day. Which I will :) But then, a shorter journey. I could walk for hours but then I would not be able to do other things. There's a bus stop right outside the flat and usually I take the bus down to the beginning paths. One day I will show photos from the other side of the water. I like how different the routes appear and actually are :)

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