Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Todays Autumn Walk

Finally a day filled with sunshine! :) This is perfect weather for an autumn walk. Today I focused on taking photos. I went to my usual place for walking by a lake nearby. It's a nice place where you sometimes can be completely on your own and other times enjoy the buzzy atmosphere of people feeding birds, running and walking by the sea. I did not find all the yellow trees I was looking for. Many of them had to much grey in them to look good in photos so I'll upload some later when I'm out photographing. Today it was to cold to go any further. The prettiest yellow trees are the ones with gold and pink. They shine more in photos and sunlight.

I hope you like the photos :) Some of them will come in an autumn photos post. In the meantime I hope to catch some photos of the brightest yellow trees! 

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