Thursday, December 17, 2015

Scent of Something Pearly

YSL Parisienne
Eau de Parfum

It is only a few times a year or less that I purchase a new fragrance. This year I've collected some more and have a nice collection. My latest here is my absolute favourite at the moment. Just the design is incredibly nice. And the outer packaging is cool with a funky color. I'll keep this to protect my fragrance bottle when traveling. I am not so good at talking about fragrances. This is such a dreamy, floral, candy, pearly scented bottle of perfect scent. It has something pearly to it and I can imagine it would be perfect to wear at a wedding or summery parties. Like in summer or a summery  place another time of the year :) Now I'm not going to a wedding but I think this is the perfect fragrance all year round since it is subtle and fresh. Floral does maybe not sound fresh but this is in my opinion :) It reminds me also about traveling. And things you see. Like pearls. Sunny weather in a season change when wind stirs up all kinds of nice scents. It is feminine but not too intense. Sweet but also there's a hint of a darker scent like in YSL Black Opium. I think that is an interesting pick but for now a little heavy scented alone for my liking. Thus with the hint of something alike in this, it is perfect!

What do you think of the bottle? :) Pretty isn't it. And the fragrance :) 

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