Saturday, January 23, 2016

Something to Calm

Some scents are so refreshingly calming that you just forget everything else. Like during a warm summer day close to a flower field. Lately I've tried to make my room more of a calm place for my sleep, focus and well being. I started with plants and added some flowers. And I can't wait adding  more. Instead of all kinds of tips for better sleep I've found that some scents are a little more beneficial to me. In December I found a nice room fragrance. Which is also body fragrance. I could pick from five different ones in the store where I had a gift card. And chose this one. I find it super comfortable. Cups of tea I always drink and try other stuff but this simple little addition seems to make a difference. Skin Care products with spa feeling also give me a nice effect! And I embrace them gradually more. Lately I've been favouring Lush skin care. They are better then any spa products I've tried ans smell absolutely lovely! In the evening and morning I like to drink a simple, refreshing drink. Like a tea blend or honey and lime water which is my new favorite. Otherwise I like lemon water and white tea. Especially white tea with some flavour. A little more affordable then cosmetics are plants. And my room will slowly look more green. Reading next to a window filled with plants is like reading by a large window with a city view or view to a gorgeous forest. 

The Body Shop Aloe & Soft Linen
Body, Room and Linen Spritz

Lush Aqua Marine
Facial and Body Wash


  1. I am a massive Lush fan, so I'd love to try the Aqua Marine. xx


  2. It's a refreshing treat ;) I would like to try more Lush products!!