Friday, February 12, 2016


Yesterday I found this Vanilla candle and I've kept it burning for hours today. :) Vanilla candles are timeless and can be found in all price categories. This one was a little bargain. I've read some pages in the novel The Winter Ghosts. It's a pretty good book. Then of course I've looked at blog posts and found new blogs to follow. Today I will finish watch Dream House movie. I've begun seeing Die Hard and Casino Royale tonight. And I'll watch the rest of at least one of them in the evening.

I wish I had some new makeup to share and combine a new look or looks. I switch daily in my makeup only having a few staples for a time. I think my next purchase will be a brow pencil from Maybelline. Then finding a new sweather or two would't hurt :) I'm looking for a striped top. In black and white.

I've been on two walks today and the cold weather was not too cold. We have new snow so I hope to catch some new good photos. I wanted to do this today but got up so late. I've eaten lots of food so my energy should be good for tomorrow. :) Now I'll have my second strawberry smoothie. Lately I've preferred this over tea, and I always drink tea.

Have you had a good Friday? :)

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