Sunday, February 7, 2016


I've wanted to take pictures of colourful buildings and fog around and in forests. Today the cloudy weather was just too heavy with the occasional rain. It disappointed me a little because photographing outdoors was the only thing I wanted to do.

My drawing book has been diligently used. And today I've made a couple new drawings. Photos of building are from yesterday. So is picture above. :) 

Sundays would always strike be as boring before. Now I appreciate it just as much as any other day.
Since I'll probably stay inside all day I'll do reading, look for inspiration in photography, think about new makeup looks. Though the light in my room is not perfect I would still enjoy taking some photos. And read blog posts. :) I usually start my day doing this, like today. Then I ate some breakfast and listened to music. I've done my makeup and it looks like this.

Bubble one: "New Place". 2: I've never seen such clouds". 3: There are no islands around here".

Maybe I should have drawn the boat with the two people :) This drawing turned out to be about opportunities.

Another drawing I made today :)

In the evening I went for a walk, organised makeup and now I'm watching my second movie of the day. First one I saw was The Awakening. The main character, that actor is so talented and cute. Now I'm watching Angels & Demons. I've seen this before so I write a little in my diary too, not paying that much attention. In my diary I'm planning my day tomorrow. I look forward to go for a walk even though it will be cloudy! Then buy food. And take some good photos! :) Now I'll have a lime and honey drink! I can definitely recommend trying that. And to drink warm, then it's definitely better!

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