Friday, March 11, 2016

Mac Spoonful of Sugar

Love love love this nail polish! I have never come across one quite like this! It is just so spot on cute and shimmery. I love the perfect mix of sparkle and see through color. It dries incredibly quick and seems like a quality product! I wanted the soft, dark pink too. It was special. I've tried lipsticks, and blushes from this brand, but nail polish now just! I have not even taken a look at them, something that I should. :) Mac Spoonful of Sugar is a new release belonging to collection Flamingo Park. This was the first I spotted in it and I love it. I think it just screams spring and summer! And it looks so cute! I think this will be a long time favorite of mine! And a staple in spring and summer time this year :)

It reminds me a little of 80s style. And candy and movies. It will be pretty easy to style, looking versatile but I would go for blue. Blue top and jeans. Maybe a dark jeans first in the transition from winter to spring. And I have my eye on Noisy May and New Look and Rut & Circle clothes that I think will be perfect! To this little polish :) A nail polish should look just as good as your best outfit! 

Have you tired this yet? :) Thoughts? 

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