Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday Walk and Haul

My makeup picks. Blush and concealer from Maybelline and brow pencil from Gosh.

 I felt like my day begun with my walk today. It was lovely and not too cold. I think the birds were more cold. Apparently the orange bird is seldom. I've seen it here a couple times and today I got the best pictures. It was drinking snow water. 

I like walking when temperature is like this. And by the lake it is always refreshing. After my walk I went to a small shopping mall and found some new makeup. I like those pieces very much. Only the eyebrow color I'm hesitating towards. It is super dark so my expressions become more hard. The blush seemed surprisingly good. I knew they're concealers were good and I've tried this before. But the creamy soft blush is my favorite now :) I love how it looks. Texture and color wise.

Thousand birds. They gather up at their usual place and here people stop to feed them and take photos! And chat by the bench. Some people stay for long. 


  1. That's actually my everyday concealer. I love it! I want to try those blushes x

  2. There are many colors :) Generally I find the Maybelline concealers to be pretty good.

  3. I've never photographed or seen the strange duck! Nice captures. Blessed Eastern!

  4. Thanks! :)
    I've seen it a couple times!