Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Beginning Spring

I get surprised these days when I see flowers pop up. Only some days ago hail poured down and there has until now been few days to go outside without wearing a warm jacket on. Today I noticed more green on the trees during my walk. This is a season where my camera seldom leaves my bag. It is not too warm and exploring places are more fun then in the winter time. 

This spring my focus are on training and meeting friends. Yoga and walking are my training for gradual wellbeing and strength. Then I will prioritise dancing and swimming too later. After a break I've just started to work on my fiction book again. The one I've mentioned a couple times here on my blog. Then for this season I have a goal to take lots of photos!  Hopefully I can get close ups of different birds, cats and foxes! I find a great deal of inspiration at Flickr.

This winter has gone by pretty quick. I feel like I might have wasted time. I can't really highlight many fun things I have done. And I don't like that. Museum visits is something I've taken interest in and will continue too do. Tomorrow is my next trip to one or two museums here in Oslo :)

My best photo from last spring is this below of the butterfly.

Here are a couple photos from a walk recently. I feel pretty lucky with this one above of the ducks!

I can't wait for the temperature to rise. In my room I've made it prettier with plants and flowers. And I will keep filling my room with them! :) They are calming to look at and healthy to be around.

Do you like the spring season?
And do you have personal goals to reach this spring?


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