Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Photos Lately

On Sunday I visited one of my favourite cafes in Oslo. The Opera House Cafe. I love sitting in the calming area with something to write or read on and admire the beautiful building with the most lovely daylight! Photo one and three are from that building. There are always people here with photo cameras everywhere. I was once here for a guided tour around in the building and I would not mind attending that again soon :) 

The second photo is from a just decorated subway station close where I live. Many stations have just been decorated with different styles and colors and patterns. This is my favourite. 

And also I like much this graffiti decoration ;)

Pretty colors! :) There is something feelgood to this I think.

Here's a little bit more of the graffiti art just come up.

Have you taken photos lately? And seen changes around you? I can't wait to see the trees turn green and flowers grow! I guess spring and summer are my favourite seasons for photography outdoors.

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