Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Novel Recommendation. Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Have you read this book? :) I like it. Gone with the Wind gives a nice feelgood emotion and the book is surprising! It is big but not tiering or difficult reading! The way it's written makes it pleasant to read :) And I almost feel like starting a new again when I've finished it. I have 6o pages left. I like that such a big book has the focus so much on the main character. I've never really missed the focus to be so much on others. And there are many characters here. Only I missed the presence of some people only staying in the beginning of the story. I had some expectancy of the ones talked much about early would be there later as well.

The main Character is Scarlett O'Hara. The story is told through her. And sometimes we see it from other characters. But never for long. Scarlett lives with her family at a place called Tara. They are rich like most of they're neighbours. They goes to parties and dress nice. Scarlett I think is 14 or 16 when the story beings and is in love with Ashley Wilkes whom she hopes will marry her. After a good deal of reading it is difficult to expect everything to change around. War breaks out between the north states and south states in USA. Scarlett has to become adult with all kinds of responsibilities. She moves to different places and tries to make ends meet for herself and others. Experiencing death and big dangers she's a determined person all way throughout the story. She meets many whom wants to marry her but struggles to get the attention she needs from Ashley Wilkes who look in another direction. 

When war breaks out most of her families slaves run away. And Scarlett gradually attracts a lot of attention from the choices she makes to survive. And it continues that way from her hurting others but also helping many. And the same with one of her most interesting connections. A disliked by all guy called Rhett Butler. 

Scarlett is described as a likeable person. Stubborn, kind, rude and cruel. But it is difficult not to like her. The story has many characters which never feels to much to keep focus on. But then it is a big book with 997 pages. 

It took ten years for the author to write the novel. I think this book with The Little Friend by Donna Tarrt is my favourite! :)

Would you read this novel?

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