Monday, September 26, 2016

September Photo Diary

I know September is not over yet. Actually the month has felt like one long day. I've never felt one month being like this. But Sunny Augsut felt long so I'm okay with summer turning into autumn now. September has been a warm month. I've felt like reading. Visiting museums and galleries. I had the opportunity to check out many at the culture night in the city. It was fun! I met an old friend of mine at the Opera House. That building is the prettiest ever! And the cafe is a nice area to relax and enjoy some snack alone or with friends! Today I visisted one of my uncles. We went for a walk and eat dinner. He and his kids have the prettiest piano ever! See photo! :) White pianos look magical!
In September I've went for many walks. Done yoga and I began ballet. I found the comfiest ballet shoes ever. I've also written a lot. I believe short stories are my thing :) :) Up soon on the blog: new beauty posts :) I hope you've had a nice September month!


  1. cute pictures ! loving the rabbit :)