Monday, January 12, 2015

One for the Stories

 One of my favorite things to shop is notebooks. In the stores there are an endless amount of different notebooks to choose from. And I came across two new in different sizes. I posted an image of the other in a blog post below. I use the smaller one when traveling. This one is for my stories, whereas the other is for notes, diary writing and blog post ideas. I've had a hobby for writing short stories and it's time to get started anew :) When I took time to write, I usually wrote crime stories. This book will soon contain some stories. Often I've been writing on computer or in a random notebook. It's nice to have them all organized. And this notebook looks pretty :) I look forward to take up the writing again!

Do you favor notebooks? :)


  1. Nice book. I most often use my computer. Life is to busy. Unfortunatelly.. Cause I think writing by hand adds more reality and spirituality to it. I think this fragile world needs more reality..

  2. A combination can be good :) Many should work with both. For writing a book, computer is probably best. I do some of both when I write my short texts.

  3. Agree.. Several approaches makes a total of more creativity! It makes you think in different ways:)