Saturday, March 21, 2015

Loving at the Moment

This star necklace is one of my forgotten favorites. I love to wear it. It goes with many of my outfits.
 I looked through my makeup and found this gem of a highlighter. I use it as an eyeshadow. Over to some newer products I've bought. The Loreal foundation has really impressed me. And so have the Kicks rouges. I own three of them. The color nuances are amazing. They are easy to apply and build up.

This green nail polish is adorable. I love the design just as much as the color. For my highlighter I've been using the Makeup Mekka eyeshadow brush. It is one of the best I've tried. Generally I'm quite impressed with Makeup Mekka products. The highlighter comes off as darker in this image. It's got a softer brown and gold color.


Loreal Infallible 24h-Matte foundation in shade Vanilla
Kicks Rouge in shade So Sweet
Makeup Mekka Bright Luminizing Highlighter Medium
Makeup Mekka Powder Highlighter Brush
H & M nailpolish in shade Mint Green

What are your favorite products at the moment?

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