Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beautiful Notebooks

Notebooks are such a nice piece for writing, decorating and use as a background piece for photography. They are beautiful gifts too. I love all endless designs, shapes and sizes they come in. I think they are nice inspirational pieces. One notebook gave me the idea of perhaps traveling to another country soon.  :)

Some pieces I found at Victoria & Albert Museum in London  :)
I also bought a couple other beautiful notebooks! These will be perfect for my purses since they are petit. Designs here reminds me of nice childhood memories!

Then I love owls. 

Do you have a love for notebooks too??


  1. Your notebooks are so cute! I especially like the V&A ones. I love notebooks, but I limit myself with them so I don't end up with tons of mostly-empty books. Though there is one at a shop around home that I might get, it's bound in a really lovely, soft leather and I've been lusting over them for ages!

  2. Yes, I understand the feeling :) They are nice!