Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Writing Work. Inspirations

Some days writing is easy and fun. Others it is harder to stay motivated. I've been working on a small book since January. And a lot of my time writing has come easily. I'm glad to say that writing goes pretty well on bad days too. When I'm in lack of inspiration and motivation there are some activities I turn to like reading a lovely book, visiting a park and sit out writing and perhaps reading. This is especially nice on sunny days :) It's really up lifting. I also like to photograph. Something I've been doing a lot. And read other peoples blog posts :) I often find inspiration there to write my own. And try out a new book or two.

What inspires you to do something new? :)

The book. So I'm writing about a young woman returning to the place she grew up and lived until a terrible malicious joke destroyed her well being and safety. She's been living under difficulties because of this and wants to finally puzzle all pieces and recover totally. When she returns the same terror happens again and she's forced to work against people she's grown up with discovering new betrayals. 

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