Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Current Beauty Favourite

I’ve never been into the nude lipstick love until recently. When I saw this in several photos I picked it up. And it made me like more some similar lipsticks with shine. This is matte with a beautiful kind of peach and pink color. The texture is creamy with good coverage. Though it’s matte it still has some glow. I guess especially enhanced with the right foundation. With this I like the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation Serum in shade Beige Rose. The color finishes complement each other incredible well and look beautiful in sunlight. I love the most the creamy formula and pigmented color. The packaging is quite elegant, easy to recognise. I have not tried other lipsticks from this range, but I think Melon Pop might be my next. 

Clinique Pop Lip color+ Primer shade Beige Pop

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? 

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  1. I've never tried any of the Clinique lipsticks before, but i do love a good nude!

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