Monday, October 19, 2015


It's pretty sunny outside. We've had this weather for some days now. Clear blue sky that looks like the prettiest oil paint color. Looking out my window I see the prettiest autumn tree. It is incredible huge with big red,brown, gold, yellow green leaves. I love how the sunshine make it look. In the cloudy weather it's not pretty. And I have still not photographed this one. :) That's what I'll do today before the tree turns brown. Today I've thought about a blog post for the end of the year. A beauty post with all my favourites from 2015. I've taken some indoor photos. I like using the natural light. I'll do some reading which I have not done. That is one of the activities I start with! :) Here are some photos from today. I would have begun showing you a photo of the tree but I have not done that yet!



After my outdoor photographing I went to the store to buy food. I had a walk in the sunshine. I've been drawing in the black notebook with gold dots on. I decided to go with color pencils instead of pastels. I've seen the rest of a movie I started watching yesterday. This was Exorcist II: The Heretic. Then I watched the end of The Godfather Part III. One thing I have not been doing is reading(in book). I hope we have sunny weather tomorrow. Then I'll have a walk. Read, unless I feel tired of that. Photograph. And draw in my notebook with beautifully soft paper with brown tint.

How has your Monday been?  Have you had sunny weather?

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