Saturday, October 3, 2015

What I’ve Been Watching Lately

In September I watched a great deal of movies. I saw the first two The Godfather movies and loved them. There's also a third movie I want to see. Then I saw the fourth Mission Impossible movie, Ghost Patrol. It was quite cool. I have yet to see the fifth which has just been on cinema. I have watched several episodes of Poldark. A charming british series with good actors. Finally I found a television series I love :) I especially like three of the main characters. They are so present and gorgeous. And they have great chemistry. I have not watched other series though but can not wait to watch more of this. It's mainly been movies I’ve watched. One of them was Goodfellas. Once again good acting and very good filming. The movie was entertaining and interesting. I like movies like these :) To me the old movies are just as good and sometimes better then the newer ones. They have some more elegance. I can not remember all others, and would probably not mention all. Three I remember well are the Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. I hope I come across more movies like them :) They are so cool. Then I’m counting the days to next episode of Poldark. :)

Have you watched any of these movies and Poldark?


  1. I very much like the Godfather triology! The scene where the old Corleone dies while the grandchild is happily playing among the bushes is a great moment of art in the movie history, I think. Love the soundtrack from the first movie. It is fascinating how much warmth and caring there are in these movies, among the main charachters, although the setting is so harsh and full of killings and hostility. It is about 'us and them' I suppose. Caring for your own people, hate the others... And that is not good caring after all... The people of the world has rated the two first Godfather movies among the top three movies ever: and I also very much recommend the No 1 movie, Shawshank Redemption (Frihetens regn, in Norwegiona, that is...)