Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Highlight in Todays Makeup

YSL Heart of Light Powder Blush

I love the soft shiny finish and pearly shade. In the middle there's a little highlight pink beautiful to blend in with the rest. This is very soft on the skin and easy to layer with color on top of base makeup. I like to use this on my cheeks and right under my eyes up towards the corners of my eyes. This reminds me of Christmas makeup. I've been looking for similar shades, even lighter pink than this. But when I got remembered of this I decided to drop looking for a new light pink rouge! I found this in a summer haul curious to try out YSL makeup and I think it's gorgeous. Today I'm wearing it with some of my favorite products like a champagne coloured eye color from Max Factor and a beautiful bb cream from YSL. The cover is quite nice and I love the black, velvet wrapping. It comes with mirror and a small brush a little to small for this application. For cheeks I think but on eyes it is perfect! I'm curious to try one of their similar shades just looking more shiny lilac. Sounds weird? :) I love it!

Have you tried any blushes in this range? What do you like best?

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