Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekend Activity

I've just started seeing The Mentalist season one again. I bought all seasons earlier in the autumn. Now we've just had snow. I went outside with my summery black shoes. In this kind of cold it is always nice to watch something good. I've fallen in love with the series again and will watch more episodes this weekend. Then I've been longing to go out and take photos. Which I will try and do. I've come half way in The Little Friend and will read in this. Then I can not wait to go for walks again. I hope it is not too cold. So far November has been surprisingly warm this year. On my note I've noted to draw. I usually favour the small size paper drawing. 15*20 cm. Though it is practically winter I will still draw flowers. I have not noted anything else on my list. Maybe I'll write, but I think I will prefer a break from that. I've been writing so much on a long story and short stories before that. Today I found a gold cooler clutch with some shimmer that looks super cute. I hope I get use of it. It looks so elegant and petit. This I found at H & M. Sometimes they have great hand bags/purses there. And my favorite now is this little black I found late this summer.

Do you have similar bags and what will you do this weekend?

Here are some photos I've taken recently. :)

What will you do this weekend?

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