Friday, December 25, 2015

Drawings This Year

 I've had a fun time drawing a lot this year. Sometime around spring I started with this hobby again after years just forgetting it. During school I would sometimes draw regularly. Clothes mainly. This year I've used a lot of color pencils, sometimes dry pastel pencils and oil pastel. And loved all of the drawings things. One thing I have not yet tried so much is wax colors you paint on with water. It looks interesting so I bought a few. Gold and deep red among the colors.

Have you spent time drawing this year? :)

As many pictures I have posted show, I focus a lot on subtle colors, few colors, and often flowers are the main dominant item in the drawings! During summer I drew a lot! 

For upcoming year what hobbies will you prefer? :) I think I will focus on this among others. 
And give away some and see what I will do with others.  :)

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