Sunday, December 27, 2015

Meeting With an Old Friend

This time was the second I've met Helene this year! The last time we met at my place and this time a place where we both have celebrated Christmas. Weather was a little chilly but nice for a walk! The prettiest part of our walk was the last part when we went by the sea.

After our walk in Molde town we went to a restaurant where our walk ended. Helene bought raspberry sorbet and I went for a dinner. An old favorite dinner. :) Helenes raspberry sorbet looked pretty good too! 

Helene is staying for some time while I end my visit tomorrow heading back to Oslo. Tomorrow I might get some time for a little shopping here. I said to Helene that sometimes I like Molde town better then Ă…lesund.

We stopped by the water to take some pictures. Here are more of my photos from our meeting.

The restaurant we visited :)

We took some time studying a couple nice windows. This one with all colourful, pretty lamps on the other side of the restaurant. Helene favoured a window with a Christmas decorated cake and gorgeous, colourful toy. I think the window was indeed a little magical!

I'm glad we met early in the day so we got nice photos outside. It get's quickly dark. 

At the restaurant we were the only once for a while. Then after some time people started coming. But the atmosphere was good! :) I wish I had a photo of that window by the way :) 

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