Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Balm Blush and Lip Palette

I realised I have not done a post about this cute blush and lip palette. And I don't understand how I could ever forget the prettiest cream colors here. Six cute subtle or more intense colors with a beautiful dewy look. They will look perfect for spring I think :) The palette itself is so gorgeous I've had it on display on my desk since I bought it. And the other packaging picture on my wall now ;) I did not wanted to throw it away.

The nuances and consistency are quite lovely. I don't like the deepest red but it might grow on me. The dark brown comes off as a more subtle light brown when added lightly and looks incredibly beautiful. I guess this one was the last I tried. The colors here from top left and down are Cider, Pie, Candy. And from top right down: Cobbler, Crisp and Caramel. That super dark one :)

What do you think of the palette? Do you like colors like these for spring? I'm pretty sure I will get a lot of use of it :) Cream blushes look soft on the skin and brightening! And they often add some pearly shine which looks super gorgeous in the sunlight! Besides these look nice blending for more color options. On lips the colors also look good. I usually don't like the combination blush and lip color making it look more cakey often on lips. But I think this is worth trying ;)

What blushes would you wear this spring?

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