Friday, May 27, 2016

Things to do This Weekend

Have you planned your weekend? :)

 It's Friday and evening here when I write this blog post. I like reading posts like this but don't come across them too often or write them myself.  I hope to be doing three of the activities mentioned below. I want to bake something tasty, watch movies and experiment with makeup. Then I'm longing for some new crime radio theatres to listen at. Recently I found this activity to be good. Not boring but calming, fun and interesting. I've taken a look at top 100 recommended lists of novels to read and got some inspiration for my next readings. If you have some recommendations please let me know. I never really go tired of this hobby! 

Weekend tips:

- Experiment with makeup 

- Decide on five books you want to read this year and begin reading! :)

- Listen to a radio theatre or go to a theatre performance

- Watch old and new movies with friends

- Bake something 

 Tasty cupcakes <3

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