Saturday, June 25, 2016

A New The Balm Treat

The Balm Sexy Mama Anti-shine Translucent Powder

It is fun to see and try The Balm makeup. Because of the colors, finishes, quality and design I am loving this brand :) There is so much interesting to try from the brand. I've been missing a good mattifying powder. Just recently I bought this powder with a somewhat interesting color. It works as a matte  highlighter as well as mattifying the skin. Which is cool :) The color is a little beige yellow. With some warmth. I think mattifying powders should give some warmth to avoid the skin looking dull.

This powder is easy to apply even. A little goes a long way. The texture feels comfortable.  It comes with a small mirror only missing a brush. The product mattifies the skin as promised.  Of the mattifying powders I've tried and seen this seems like one of the better ones.

Wich mattifying powders will you compare this one with?


  1. This sounds good, I am in need of a new powder, so will definitely check this out. xx