Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Old Photos

I looked through some old photos on my phone today. The time is going so fast and it feels like ages since I took these photos. I have quite a lot of old photos on my phone not all of them being good or interesting but I have some forgotten favourites there and profile pictures where I feel the photos of me does not look like me! I always change a lot every forth year my facing looking a lot different. Most of these photos are from 2008 or 2009. I wish they had better quality.

My cousin and old friend always loves vintage and second hand stuff so I borrowed one of her sun glasses among twelve others from her favourites decorating the wall. Today I found some cool second hand stuff and I will look for more of that :) It is fun when you find treasures quickly. I have not been collecting until now.

The photo of the pavillion is my favourite! I did not expect to find it where it was placed. Photographing from below and up gives an interesting touch to the photo :)

I also have some cool nature photos. For years nature has been my place to find inspiration to become better at art like writing and taking pictures. My interest in photography began when I saw the finest apple tre blossoming in our garden years ago. Then I knew I had to buy a real camera and begin training :)

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