Saturday, September 10, 2016

Reading Now. Franz Kafka Stories

Franz Kafka is one of my favourite authors. His writing is so determined and strange. Fascinating and fun to read!  They seem easy written. They have a high level of quality. The author writes a lot about stress and chaos. All the characters get some kind of powerful description by the protagonist but little focus in general. The problem the main character get come in an endless form! Anxiety is portrayed carefully and always in the stories so elegant.

 I rerecently bought a collection of stories he published. I really like them. I'm waiting for a bok of his called America to arrive at my library. I read The Castle last year and forgot about time while reading. I'm getting more and more found now of these stories. Most are short only in half a page or one :) There is one longer story called In the Penal Colony. My current favourite story is The Bridge. I never thought reading something as uncomfortable as In the Penal Colony could be interesting but the story is! Kafka does not explain things much in any of his fiction writings.Yet I like the reading!

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