Saturday, December 29, 2018

December Read. Part 2. Wuthering Heights

My holiday reading started on the airport with Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. The first time I took notice of the book was last December. At my grandparents house I found a version from 1953. My grandpa gave it to me and I barely dare read it more in fear of destorying the beautiful paper cover.

Wuthering Heights focus a lot on peoples emotions in a small area over a long time. Emotions like love and hate are dominant. The outcome you might quickly expect for characters are disaster.

 A beggar (Heathcliffe) is given a chance of better life when a man decided to provide for him in addition to his own family at Wuthering Heights. A place he will really struggle to adapt to.
The children in the house hate the newcomer from day one. Later the mans daughter Catherine becomes his best friend.

When both of the parents die life become harder at Wuthering Heights. Their brother Hindley becomes even worse to live with then he has been. He wants Heathcliffe away from Wuthering Heights.

Cathrine befriends someone wealthy and Heatcliffe worries about Cathrines strong feelings towards himself changing. Cathrine marries later in the story. And drama continues.

Kids from a new generation has to adapt to the love and hate that has been and still excists. For some time at least one of these children are safe.

 It surprised me that at least not some of the persons moved away and tried to make a better life another place!

In addition to the people living in this place there is a newcomer who wants to live in the area. He's being told all about these peoples lives and has noticed the terrible behavior of Heatcliffe. From meeting him personally. And actually he has taken extra interest in one of Catherines relatives. A young woman living at Wuthering Heights.

It has been so nice reading this book. It is well written. And never boring.

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