Wednesday, May 22, 2019

7 Things I Like


I like ballet just as much as when I first tried it. I've been dancing it for three years. Past season I tried level 3/2 which was easier then expected. I planned to continue with level 2 and by misstake took a harder option. That misstake has been good for my confidence. I want to continue on this level. I might get my next chance this autumn and winter.

Relaxing next to a forest water

That is something I would like to do more this summer. The opportunities are not far away. And it makes me calm. I'm hoping for good weather! And friends joining me.

Revlon 640 Fearless nail polish

This nail polish has been a good buy. I absolutely love it. I like that is has a subtle shine with the intense color. This one I want to wear weekly. It's my top favorite nail polish.

Makeup Mekka Kiss and Blush Cream Touch- Lollipop

 From Makeup Mekka Summer Heat collection this product interested me. I like cream makeup. With it one can create a nice dewy finish quick. It's been a long time since I've used coral colors. This one reminds me of summer and ocean. It even has a scent! And the design is salient.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Of books I read now this is most entertaining. It has much atmosphere which I like. Much of the story shows the main characters thoughts. I found it so interesting to read. Maybe therefore I easily accepted that the monster first greets and meets main character and creator halfway in the story. Where the monster talks about his experiences beeing alive.

Nille pen

This is the cutest treat in a while. It's so pretty.

Bik Bok Be Ellie hoops

I've wanted to use pearl accessory for a while. But not seen anything interesting until recently. I just found the perfect treat. Since I love hoops and details this treat has been my accessory buy. I'm going to wear them with basic clothes. And anything else that might fit.


  1. That revlon nail polish is gorgeous, such a stunning shade!

    Lily Loves |

  2. Lovely post, I really like the style of it and would like to see it continue in a series maybe?! The nail polish and cream blush are gorgeous, I love the vivid pop of colour. Hope you are doing well, haven’t heard from you in a little while, take care. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you! I might continue writing this type of blog post. I'm glad you liked it =)